Work From Home Successfully: advice, tools, tips!

With the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people have been confined to their homes, and many of them telecommuting. Although the reason is of capital importance, it requires everyone to review their personal and professional organization. Reorganization of time and workspace, new IT tools, disruption of relationships between colleagues. The implementation of teleworking is also a transformative and mobilizing project for the entire company. So how to initiate and succeed in the pivot towards teleworking? Web Creation London tells you everything!

77% of employees who work remotely are more productive at home

Telecommuting: 5 tips to be productive

When it is properly mastered and supervised, teleworking has many benefits for the employee as well as for the employer. A personal working environment, more time to give to loved ones, no time wasted in commuting… teleworking also means accessing autonomy and certain freedom (on condition that you are not stuck with your children … ). However, working remotely requires being organized, arguably even better than when you are in the office, to maximize productivity, motivation, and mental health. So how do you get this experience right? Web Creation London gives you 5 practical tips:

1-Take care of your workspace

Even if the temptation to work from your sofa or bed is great, having a real desk or, failing that, a delimited workspace, makes things easier. Creating a pleasant workspace allows you to develop in good conditions and have everything at hand (computer, documents, tools, etc.) to stay productive.

2-Set daily and realistic goals

Teleworking means being free to organize your schedule… but it is also easier to spread out! Setting goals, via a “to-do list” for example, allows you to establish a daily roadmap and derive a certain satisfaction when you carry out all the planned tasks at the end of the day.

3- Stay in touch with the company

One of the main dangers of teleworking is staying alone in your corner and gradually moving away from your colleagues and the life of the company. Activity monitoring, sharing of ideas, team games, virtual coffee breaks… making regular appointments with the company allows you to keep pace and maximize everyone’s motivation!

4-Delimiting professional and private life

This is another difficulty of teleworking, the fact of staying at home exposes the risk of easily switching between work and the private sphere. Self-discipline, set work schedules and rest times, know how to stop, the key is to succeed in defining a framework by taking care to separate each activity.

5-Use the right communication tools

Working well remotely is above all learning to communicate differently with colleagues. Exit the intranet, new means of communication now make it possible to work in a network, to mobilize the whole team, and to stay in touch with the life of the company.

WCL’s toolbox for successful teleworking

Management of daily tasks, remote collaborative work, sending large files … Web Creation London recommends a selection of practical tools to help you organize yourself!

A fabulous collaboration tool, Slack allows the whole team to stay in touch intuitively. It offers an impressive catalog of productivity tools: workspace, chat channels, private messaging, audio and video calls, file sharing, and many more!

Trello is the most comprehensive online project management tool. It is inspired by agile methods and kanban, to easily visualize the progress of a project in real-time. In particular, it allows you to set goals using “to-do lists”. It also allows you to share your dashboards and tasks with all or part of the team.

Similar to Skype,  ZOOM  allows you to organize one-to-one or team phone calls in virtual meeting rooms. It also offers extremely practical features such as the ability to record conversations, share your screen, or even create webinars.

With  G Suite, Google offers a set of cloud-based services. Agenda, videoconferencing, spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, this toolbox makes it possible to streamline and facilitate collaborative work by modifying and sharing progress directly online. Very intuitive, it does not require any software installation… only a Gmail account.

Very easy to use, WeTransfer is certainly the tool most used by professionals to send large files. It allows you to send an email or generate a download link, free of charge and without registration!

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