10 tips for a successful emailing

In recent years, a large number of digital marketing channels have emerged: social networks, natural & paid to reference, blogs, and many others! While these new acquisition solutions demonstrate their efficiency and perform well, emailing remains the leader in terms of return on investment (ROI). With emailing, you can expect a gain of £30 for each £ spent (DMA 2019). We quickly understand the interest of looking into the development of a powerful and relevant emailing strategy and tools. So how do you maximize the ROI of your email campaigns? WCL explains everything to you!

1. Take care of the object and the sender

You only have two seconds to convince your customers! Your subject must be between 30 and 50 characters long. It must present your mailing as clearly as possible. To make your emailing objects more visible, more attractive, and more expressive, you can use emojis. However, this should be qualified if your activity is not compatible with a lighter tone (lawyers, accountants, etc.). You also need to think about humanizing your sender. For example, putting your name next to the name of the company will reassure your recipients and make your email warmer. We prefer “David from the WCL agency” to “WCL Agency”.

2. Respect of the graphic charter

Your emails must be recognizable and express the vision and values ​​conveyed by your brand or your products: 

  • Place your brand’s logo
  • Use your brand’s graphic charter (colors, fonts, etc.)

3. Insert a call-to-action

Your action buttons are there to trigger the action. They send to your website, your online store, or your social networks. These buttons must be visible to attract attention and the short, catchy words used: “Buy”, “Discover” “Find out more”.

4. Balance images and texts

The content of your email is the most important criterion. It is estimated that an “ideal” ratio in an email is 60% text and 40% images. Make your recipients remember you with eye-catching layouts and high-quality images. An overloaded newsletter risks ending up in the spam emails of your recipients.

5. Connect your social networks

Remember, your customers are your first fans. You can easily integrate share buttons into your emails so that your content is distributed on social networks, this will allow you to expand your audience and interact with it.

6. Unsubscribe link and mandatory information

You must offer the recipients of your emails an unsubscribe feature. Indeed, email marketing is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that you must obtain the consent of your targets to send them an email. This unsubscribe link must be identifiable, it is often placed at the top or bottom of the email. Other mentions must also appear on your emails such as a link to a web version of your email, the name of your company & its postal address.

7. Think responsive

55% of emails are opened on a smartphone today! Your email must therefore be adapted to different screen sizes (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).

8. Choose the time and day of sending

Depending on your industry and target, certain days and times give better open and click-through rates. By choosing the right time to send your campaigns, you increase your chances of generating engagement. The principle is simple: Test & learn. Learn to know your audience, looking at what works best with specific indicators: openings, clicks, etc.

9. Pay attention to the sending frequency

Your customers’ inboxes are cluttered and their attention is increasingly difficult to capture.

You need to adapt your sending frequency depending on who subscribes to your contact list, the type of content you send, and even the time of year. No one likes to receive flirtatious emails from the same advertiser multiple times in the same week.

10. Test your campaign on the various mailboxes

It is necessary to test your emails by checking their quality and their compatibility with the different messaging systems. By testing your emails on the main messaging systems (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.), you will quickly see the improvements to be made.

By respecting certain good practices, emailing becomes a powerful tool for winning over and building customer loyalty. Its association with other channels and with “tracking” of recipient behavior make it possible to develop sophisticated and profitable digital marketing strategies.

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